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    Switching computers and all my folders inside lightroom have a question mark

    Sandra_Starfish Level 1

      I am switching from an older laptop to a new one... so I have moved all my files (not only LR related but all my stuff) from the old computer into an external hard drive.

      Here's some more info to help solve the problem:


      1- all of my original photos have not moved or changed names...they have always been in the external hard drive already

      2- in the older laptop was a folder called " my lightroom photos" and inside it were files such as: backups, my lightroom photos previews, the catalog itself and a couple temporary data files.


      3 - I moved the folder described in #2 to my external hard drive and then clicked on the catalog to open and found all of my folders have a question mark next to them.


      It seems to not make sense that I would need to right click on a folder to tell LR where it is located because the original photos never moved. Well, I tried that and then the folder disappeared from LR instead of staying in the same location and just being good to be used (minus the questions mark) so all seems wrong.


      Anyone has any idea what I can do to solve the issue?