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    Problem with Edge Animate oam file's autoplaying inside Muse

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      I have created a Donut Chart animation in Edge Animate. It has 6 donut charts. Each chart is a symbol with animation inside. Everything looks good in edge animate. But, the problem is the .oam file is not working like I want inside Muse. The scroll effect function of is not working. It autoplays every time, regardless of the scroll settings applied. I am using Edge Animate 2014.1.1 and Muse 2014.3.1. So, it's kind of the latest versions.

      I tried several different methods. I found out that the animation works fine in Muse if I don't use any symbol in Edge Animate. Then the scroll function works like a charm. But if I use symbols, then the scroll function stops working. I want to use symbols for a reason. Because, I am making the website as a template to sell and want to include Edge Animate animations in it. Without using the symbols, it will create several objects in one place. And it would be too hard for people, with less knowledge of the program, to edit them.

      What should I do now? Please help!

      Best Regards