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    I Can't Get Flash to Install Correctly


      I had Adobe Flash Player Install Manager pop up randomly after downloading Spotify to my computer, and I don't recall it having done that before, at least not in a while, so just to be safe I went to the Adobe site, followed their "clean install" instructions (wherein I deleted Flash Player from my computer as well as the install manager from Internet Plug-ins), and then downloaded the newest version from the Adobe site and installed it. It downloaded without issue, but when I went looking for Flash Player (or any other Adobe thing for that matter), there was no longer an Adobe folder or Adobe Flash Player in my Applications folder. I've tried multiple times, deleting the .dmg for the installers, redownloading it, and trying to install again, but nothing helped. I've also restarted the computer a couple of times to see if maybe it just needed that to show up.


      Is it just somewhere I'm not seeing? I searched my entire computer through Finder and the only things it found were the .dmgs that I hadn't deleted and the Install Manager. Was I being stupid and paranoid about deleting it in the first place? Is there some obvious way to fix it and make it appear that I haven't done?


      Some technical things:

      The "Adobe Flash Player Install Manager" is in my Utilities folder along with Adobe AIR Installer and Uninstallers, but no actual Flash Player application is in there

      MacBook Pro running on Yosemite 10.10.2

      Works fine on Google Chrome but am trying to download it for my actual computer again

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          Varun Bhal Adobe Employee



          Adobe Flash Player is a browser plugin and its not installed as an application with UI and it just appears in Utilites folder as "Adobe Flash Player Install Manager"

          As you have mentioned, "Adobe Flash Player Install Manager" is exists in your Utilities folder so it seems like its installed correctly.

          Can you please provide us the below information to help us understand the issue better :

          1. Filename of dmg that which you have installed.

          2. From which link you have downloaded the file and which browser you have used ?

          3. Is there exists any file named "Flash Player.plugin" at "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/" ?

          4. Is there exists any file named "PepperFlashPlayer.plugin" at "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/PepperFlashPlayer/" ?

          5. Open Flash Player Help in the browser in which you are facing issue and Click "Check now" button and posted here the "Flash version" that is displays under "Your Flash version"