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    Remoting with CFC's

    Mark Forsberg
      I'm new to Flex and would like to go the remoting route with Coldfusion. I have a few questions.

      1. How do I create numerous remote objects to call CFC's. In Flash RIA's I create functions that call the CFC's when they are needed. How do I do that in Flex? Do I again create the remote objects in functions along with listeners and responders?
      2. Are there any good tutorials, books, etc., that take you from beginning to end in creating a "real-world" flex app with multiple remote objects using remoting? Again, a lot of "Hello World" stuff. Most tutorials that go beyond that are using FDS, which is a no-go for me due to budget constraints.

      Thanks for the information.

      A very interested, but frustrated potential Flex adoptee.