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    I cannot get InDesign CS5 to open by shortcut, by programs or by "running as administrator" (Windows 7)!

    Anthony Montanarella

      No error message, no crashing, no activity whatsoever. 


      After numerous attempts, I can open (or on occassion by deleting preferences file) but then ONLY open a file by dragging the file icon to the InDesign load screen. 

      When going to task manager, it will appear to be open multiple times... ("Indesign.x32.exe*)... sometimes between 10 and 20 times!!!


      No other issues with other Creative Suite programs... I've tried numerous fresh installs, numerous different user profile installations, numerous registry cleans.


      Anyone else have this issue?  It gets quite annoying (and tedious) to restore user prefs each time, open/drag numerous icons to open files and (more than anything) NOT be able to shut down InDesign because it won't start again!


      Thanks for any help!