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    Play motion tween until other button gets clicked


      I want to make an animation where a person dances: there are 4 buttons and when one button gets clicked, the person starts and loops a specific motion tween. I already have everything, until now only a picture is shown on click:



      function clickSpecialMove(event:Event):void {

      ! trace("SpecialMove");


      ! gotoAndStop("SpecialMove");



      BeHappy.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickBeHappy);

      function clickBeHappy(event:Event):void {






      Twinkle.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickTwinkle);

      function clickTwinkle(event:Event):void {

      ! trace("Twinkle");

      ! gotoAndStop("Twinkle");



      HandsUp.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandsUp);

      function clickHandsUp(event:Event):void {

      ! trace("HandsUp");

      ! gotoAndStop("HandsUp");





      but I wan't a motion tween to play:


      gotoAndPlay("motionTwinkle"); does not work, then all motion tweens just walkr through like in a film :...can anybody help me? that would be so nice thank you!