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    Slow project load


      Does anyone have any experience of RoboHelp HTML taking an excessive length of time (over half an hour) to load a project? I have a colleague who has a project of similar size that takes a couple of minutes to load. Is there any way to identify the cause?


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          CraigCC Level 2
          How big is the .cpd file?
          If it is large, take a back up of the project file, delete the .cpd file and try opening the project via the .xpj file. You may see a significant reduction in the .cpd which can get a bit bloated.

          Kind Regards
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            AlanN_UK Level 1
            Hi Craig,

            That makes a difference! I did as you suggested and the run-up time is now very quick. My CPD file is also less than half the size (under 1Mb rather than the original 2.2Mb).

            Thank you very much for your speedy help.