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    why Free Hand software stopped?

    motamayz Level 1

      I'm a senior graphic designer and I work in a cosmetics company.

      I work using many Graphic softwares on Mac OS and Windows.

      My problem that I was work using (Macromedia Free Hand) for many years and this software was an important partner and part and parcel in progress and success in my work.

      That was until your great and decent company has done a deal to buy Macromedia company software then stopped after this a wonderful software (Free Hand).

      The question that arises why has this software stopped?

      This software is very easy and flexible and faster than the other softwares in the same class It only lacks a few things to become the most powerful software in its class.

      It is not only my opinion but many other Designers as well who suffer from other softwares who forced to work with it.

      We have a history of our formal designs that well be lost sooner if (Free hand) is not back once more.

      I dream that your great and decent company responds for many Graphic Designers and Launch (Adobe Free Hand) software to becom the strongest, the newest and the fastest software in the vector world.

      We need that software strongly and we have a great hope in your decent company that makes our future better.

      I know that my opinion is simple, but i'm sure they'll find an ear to hear and a mind to understand our needs