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    Log in to Publishing Server


      I have installed Contribute Publishing Service with ldap/active directory with the authentication set to Windows domain. I can autenticate correctly and everything is working great.

      However, there is an issue I need to resolve. My corporation has switched to Smart Cards and we have had to jump through alot of hoops to make our apps compatible.

      When a user opens contribute they are prompted with a
      "Logon to Publishing Server"
      Please Enter your username and password to connect to the publishing Server.
      Server: https://XXXXXX

      I as an administrator can logon correctly however, our users are switching to smart cards and will not have a username or password anymore. In theory if the user is already authenticated in windows they should not have to authenticate again. How can I get CPS not to prompt for authentication. How can I accomplish this? Can you point me in the right direction? Is this possible.

      Thank you for your time