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    Can CS4 be used (easily) to edit docs created in newer versions?


      I have recently created a series of documents for work using the newest InDesign trial version. My trial is up, and now my boss and I are trying to figure out what to buy. We are a small non profit, with a pretty tight budget, and so my boss would prefer we buy an older version (the complete CS4 sells for under $500) and have the whole suite for one price rather than pay yearly for just one product (InDesign). We are currently only using InDesign, but would make use of Photoshop if we could afford it as well. I should note that we are not making anything terribly complicated, but may hire someone down the line with greater skills than I have.


      I have three concerns about this:


      1. Opening files created in newer versions — since our trial has ended, we now longer have access to the newer version of InDesign to "downsave" our files.

      2. My computer is a Mac running on Yosemite 10.10.3, so I don't know if CS4 will work.

      3. Will files created in CS4 be able to be opened in newer versions should we hire a designer with access to more updated software?


      Any guidance is appreciated.