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    Interactive Crossword Puzzle-Input text area and overlapping symbol


      I am creating an interactive crossword puzzle in Edge Animate where the user inputs a letter in each blank crossword box. I created the input boxes through use of an "input" class assigned to each rectangle <div> provided by the script run from http://www.edgehero.com/edgeherojs.html.


      The problem is, I also want each correct answer to display upon click of a button. Each answer is a symbol that would display in the same spot as the input crossword boxes. I can't figure out how to have the answers appear and not have the text in the input boxes be erased/have the input boxes and revealed answers both existing in the same spot since they overlap.


      I am very much a beginner with Edge but am trying! Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!


      I am on Edge Animate CC 2014.1