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    Stripes across images!


      Dear reader,


      Recently I recognized a problem in Lightroom 4 (on my MacBook Pro, Early 2011 - newest version of OS X).


      I went through my photos, when I suddenly realized stripes across them. They have definitely not been there before! And now the number of destroyed photos gets more all the time.


      The issue is not just on my Mac. When I export photos and look at them at another Mac the stripes are still there.


      Does anyone know what this might be or how to fix this.


      Thanks in advance




      PS: An image with these stripes is attached.


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          dj_paige Level 9

          This is most definitely a hardware problem. If the images were fine at a certain point in time, and the stripes appeared later, this would indicate a problem where your hard disk is going bad, or your computer memory is going bad. If the images had these issues on day 1, then it could be either of the previous or the camera card going bad or the card reader/USB cable and USB port going bad.