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    Adobe Camera Raw shortcut Windows vs. Mac.

    Aaron NKC

      Okay, this is more of a question to see if anyone else happens to know the answer through experience. I have been using a Windows machine for the last 9 years at my full time job. They recently switched me to a Mac. (I'm not suggesting a debate about which is better.) I use shortcuts a lot out of necessity. I will have multiple files in the window and be working in a specific field say Contrast. On the Windows machine, I could hold the ALT key and cycle through the different images with arrow keys while keeping my editing option in Contrast. Without that, you have to physically move the mouse to select an image over on the left side. I know that you can then hit tab to get back into those adjustments but I was used to being able to work so much faster without the mouse by using the ALT plus Arrow keys. On the Mac, I can't find any equivalent shortcut. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could help. I think I can assume that other people understand how important all those shortcuts are.  If I'm not being clear, I can try to explain better.