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    lightroom export sequence number automatic increment and update


      I'm exporting to hard disk using the name-sequencenumber option. When exporting multiple times, Lightroom does not seem to remember what sequence number it last used. Is there a configuration option somewhere to let Lightroom keep track of the sequence numbers used? For example, I have a set of 20 photos that I export. I set the name to X and the sequence number to 1000. So, the first export adds them to my destination folder numbers X-1000 through X-1019. Now, I import another batch of say 30 photos. When I go to export those, I get a warning that there are duplicate file names since Lightroom is starting over at 1000 again instead of 1020. I don't want to enter a new sequence number every time I export. Is there a way for Lightroom to remember the last sequence number it used?