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    dispatchEvent "mouseUp" problem

    boliz Level 1
      i need to make a drag & drop scenario from the html that contains .swf to the .swf move and i need it to look real.
      Here is what i did:
      1. use externalInterface to change a boolean flag in flex and to give the flash focus when "onmouseenter" in the object.
      2. in flex i start drag an element.
      3. i trace all the mouse events of the application and get all the events (roolover, move...) ...BUT!!!!!!!!!!
      because i pressed on mouse down before flash had focus ( this is the case here ) after i enter to the flash
      i can't get a mouseUp event!!!
      4. i tried to dispatch a mouseDown event manually using externalInterface when giving focus to the .swf object.
      but still when i release the mouse button he didn't fire anything.

      My Q: is there a why to trigger the Mouse down event so when i release it it will result in mouseUp event