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    charting prob

      here is a sample code that im working on but i tried to rotate the labels of the x axis with this following code but it is nt taking effect.
      could someone be kind enough to explain me why.

      thnx in advance

      sample code:
      <mx:Panel title="Line Chart" width="1024" height="787">
      <mx:LineChart showDataTips="true" id="linechart" dataProvider="{info}" width="988" height="691" >
      <mx:CategoryAxis categoryField="id_user">
      <mx:AxisRenderer labelRotation="90">
      <mx:ColumnSeries dataProvider="{info}" xField="id_user"
      yField="leaves_entitled" >

      <mx:LineSeries yField="leaves_entitled"
      xField="id_user" form="curve">

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          This is kind of glossed over in the doc.
          Apparently you need to use an embedded font for the axis style or the rotation won't work (it just silently does nothing as you noticed).
          Try adding something like this to your css file:

          @font-face {
          fontFamily: chartLabelFont;

          LineChart {
          font-family: chartLabelFont;