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    After Effects Plugins


      Hello, i was wondering if there is a batch process to install lots of plugins at once. other than extracting all individual plugins from their rar files into their respective folders.





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No. That's what the vendors' inbstallers do and if there are none, then manualyl extracting the plug-ins is the only option.



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            smythie6812 Level 1

            Ok, is there some program you can "tell" to do it, like winrar or winzip etc. i have tons of them to do, there MUST be an easy way, DO they have to go into their own folders. Would be nice if they could all extracted into one "plugins" folder

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In the old days a plug-in would work if you just dropped the file in the plug-in's directory. With licensing and other issues and modern operating systems you have to run the installers. If you owned everything Red Giant offered for example, their installer will install everything that you download in a package. It's that way with most developers, but some still create individual installers for all products. No way around it.


              On a single machine this shouldn't be too much of a problem and updates to Creative Cloud seem to catch most of the plug-ins installed in previous versions if they are compatible. If you are a network administrator with hundreds of machines and hundreds of licenses to manage I suggest you contact the manufacturers directly. Unless you are dealing with plug-ins that do not require licensing I see no way around installers.

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                smythie6812 Level 1

                Thanks for the replies guys....