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    Interactive Pdfs  Display issues in Acrobat DC

    Graemezee1 Level 1

      Hi Have Upgraded to Adobe Acrobat DC and very sad to find that many of the styling features I use in Indesign to to make interactive pdfs no longer work correctly

      I have tested existing interactive pdfs that function perfectly in Acrobat XI and Adobe acrobat Reader but open the same files in Acrobat DC and Acrobat DC Reader and most of the documents i have designed and produces over last few years have been renderer useless

      The Problem is a with form buttons and show and hide areas basically any transparency glow or drop shadow effect fail to display producing a pixelated mess
      A design feature i have utilised a lot is a semi transparent panel which contains text and graphics which displays on rollover of a button. because of the transparency in the panel the whole panel fails to display in any meaningful way Similarly with any effects which as glows drop shadow destroy the display of the whole button.

      Reverting back to a previous version Acrobat will not solve the problem as people upgrade the documents become redundant I assume i will have to design any new projects to this new reality what i will say to clients with newly delivered iBrochures or interactive pdfs i have yet to consider

      It is unbelievable that Adobe would unilaterally under mind this part of indesign without at least flagging this up so content creators could design appropriately

      I can only hope this is a problem with my setup only or it is one that adobe intend to fix appreciate any thoughts on the matter

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