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    Aligning doesn't go according to the paragraph rules I've set

    Acca Level 1

      In an InDesign document I’ve a problem with aligning text.
      In the doc I have different paragraph styles and in some of them I’ve used numbered list.
      In one numbered list there can be another numbered list inside (in TOC in this case)
      And they all have their own alignments. The Toc title’s Left Intent is 0, as it is of the Body Text’s as well.
      Also the following paragraph styles (numbered list, titles, body text etc.)are intented to the left with the value 0.
      But still, the paragraphs after the Toc title begin as if I’d set the Left Intent to eg. 5 (and I’ve set it to be 0).
      Now the whole document aligning continues after the Toc title to begin from the new Intent (“5″).

      The numbered lists I’ve made so that the first list is Level: 1, List: Default,
      the second list (the one inside the first one) is Level: 2 (List: Default).

      Has anyone bumped into this kind of case? What could be the solution to get the alignment as I set it?