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    exportAsText - not sure what I'm doing here

    Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Good morning all,


      Acrobat Pro 9, Windows 7


      I'm trying to end up with a button in a PDF that exports the contents of one field as a text file verbatim. I thought exportAsText would do this, but some hiccups are getting in my way:


      1. the name of the field appears as the first line in the resulting text file

      2. the field's contents are enclosed in quotes

      3. any literal quotes in the field text become two characters ("")

      4. it doesn't seem to honour typed returns or escaped (\n) returns


      is there a way around this, or another method of saving out just the literal text of a field?


      edit: forgot to say, you may have to assume I'm an imbecile.