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    Are pictures embedded in the file?

    Damian Gr

      Dear community,


      I'm having an issue with an InDesign file. It's a 160 page catalogue file which weights around 350MB. I did receive it from other graphic designer. It was not packed the way it usually is (zipped with all the typefaces and pictures). Upon opening the file I've noticed that the quality of the pictures is not bad. I thought that the pictures were embedded. I did notice though the red exclamation marks in the links panel, they were saying that the links are missing.

      From what I read there should be an icon next to the linked file, stating that the file is embedded. I don't see it there.

      I started to feel even more confused when I've exported file for the print (300 dpi etc). Everything seems to look fine. For a second I thought that maybe inDesign is downloading files automatically from the server when I'm exporting the file. It was not (I've turned the wifi off second time).


      Can someone please shed some light? In some time I will have to edit the file and I'm not sure if it's correctly prepared and if I have to manually relink over 1000 pictures.

      Thank you kindly in advance,