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    Auto Smart Tone Going Dark For Part of Clip




      I'm a new user of Adobe Premiere Elements. I have version 13 installed on a PC running Windows 7 32bit.

      I have a problem that hopefully someone can help me with.

      I have put a clip onto the timeline and then run the Auto Smart Tone and used its custom feature to brighten the clip. The problem I have is that certain parts of the clip stay dark. This happens when the video is played in the preview window and when the project is rendered and the final output played in an external player.

      This clip has text overlayed in certain parts of it and further investigation has shown that the areas of the clip that are dark are some but not all of the areas with overlayed text. Furthermore when I click into the overlayed text to edit it the dark section of the clip that it is associated with the text being edited then brightens in the preview window the correct amount to match the rest of the clip on the timeline. As soon as I exit out of the text editing that section of the clip goes dark again.


      If anyone can shed any light on what the problem is and how I can fix it it would be greatly appreciated. The problem may be a simple error I'm making as a result of my inexperience of using the programme.


      Many Thanks