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    Tile Based Collision Detection

      I am following Tonypa's Tile Based Tutorials and I have to say, they are great. He covers everything needed, except for one thing I am troubled on - Refering to Tutorial 9, http://www.tonypa.pri.ee/tbw/tut09.html, Stupid Enemy, instead of an enemy I want to make this a NPC who walks around in a village. So what do I do to make it so that I, or the char, doesn't walk right over the enemy/NPC? I am trying to develop an RPG, and it would look silly to have the character walk on top of the NPC. Can someone provided a snippet on how to make a collision detection with the NPC and not walk on top/under the NPC?

      One last favor to ask: What if I want to talk to the NPC if I am within a half tile? Would anyone be willing to share info on how this as well?

      Thanks a bunch in advance