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    How to keep page references of an index if need to delete text box in InDesign


      We have set up a big catalogue in InDesign with multiple documents saved into a book. We've created the index successfully - I've created 'References' rather than 'Topics' for the index. Every few months we need to flow in new data and usually we just flow it into the existing text boxes but sometimes we have to delete an existing box and drag a new text box in from the library and then import the new data into this. (We're using Easycatalog plugin for managing the data). I'm wondering if there is a way to somehow keep / export the existing page references in a text box before deleteing the box then maybe re-applying them to the new text box once the info has been brought in. Otherwise I'm finding when we delete a text box we loose any page references within the box.


      Or is there a simple way to make a note of all exisiting page references with a text box before deleting it? I can see the blue arrows but we have multiple page refs attached to some words and I can't see any way to check what's referenced against a certain bit of text.


      Thanks for any help - hopefully have made myself clear!