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    I can't get Adobe Flashplayer to open in websites




      I have Windows XP Pro x64 and I use Firefox as my browser.


      When I go to http://www.weather.com/weather, there are videos listed on the right hand side.  I used to be able to click on the video title and they would open.  I had a problem with my pc and had to do a system restore and the files at this website stopped opening.  All I get is a black box.  I uninstalled Adobe and reinstalled these programs one at a time but it still doesn't works:


      Adobe Flash Player 17_a

      install_flash_player_ax Flash Player for Internet Exporer - ActiveX  (I occasionally use IE8)

      Adobe Flash Player - Active-x for Windows

      install_flash_player NPAPI for Firefox

      Adobe flashplayer17ax_a_install

      Adobe install_flashplayer17x32_aaa_aih

      Adobe Shockwave Installer Slim


      They're the latest versions from the Adobe website.


      In Add/Remove Programs, Adobe Flash Player 17 Active X and Adobe Flash Player 17 NPAPI are listed but there's no size to them, the "Size" field is blank.  The other programs aren't even listed there, the same with Revo Uninstaller. 


      Can anyone give me some help?