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    Linking Adobe Fireworks to Filezilla


      So I have had my recently had my website built essexminibuses24.co.uk but i would like to be able to edit some of the images on the website with fireworks, I have seen an option in filezilla ftp program to put the path of the fireworks.exe file into, so when i click edit it will automatically open in fireworks, can anybody help me in finding the path to fireworks so i can get this running. i am running windows vista home edition and i am running adobe fireworks cs5. Also any tips about creating vector paths in fireworks as i am a newbie to computers. Thanks

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          1) Open Filezilla

          2) Edit-->Settings

          3) File editing-->Filetype associations

          4) add these lines:

          png "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS6\Fireworks.exe" -open

          jpg "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS6\Fireworks.exe" -open

          5) click OK


          Now, any jpg or png can be view and edited directly in Fireworks by right-mouse clicking an jpg or png file, and choosing "View/Edit".


          Editing the image and saving it, will prompt Filezilla with a question whether you wish to upload it. Confirming this will overwrite the original on the server.


          HOWEVER: this is a bad idea. You should not work like that. Instead, first download the files which you wish to edit to a separate folder on your system. Then create a duplicate. Work with the duplicate, and when you are finished, save the file as a Fireworks PNG. Then export the new version in Fireworks as either png or jpg, and upload it to the server.


          Working in this way ensures that you do not lose the original, or that you make mistakes you cannot correct. Always work with copies of the original files, and avoid working directly with them through Filezilla. Merely viewing files through Filezilla is not a problem, though.


          If you are a complete beginner, I would suggest you read any book about Windows Vista fundamentals, and get the "Fireworks CS5 Classroom in a book" book.



          However, you should realize Fireworks is a dead application: it is no longer actively supported or developed by Adobe since May 2013.

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            EssexMinibuses24 Level 1

            Ok hi thanks for the very detailed and easy to follow instructions, I have successfully managed to connect the two with your instructions. just to confirm your recommendation, how do I export the file directly to the server from fireworks or do I just manually drag and drop it from the save location?

            Also I'd like to comment on your information about Adobe not supporting fireworks anymore, I do have other Adobe products I like to use fireworks because it's very quick to modify images and light and can run without taking up to much memory, do you have another product recommendation to fulfil my needs thanks. One more thing, am I right in saying that these same functions work in other Adobe products like Adobe Photoshop? Thanks in advance.