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    Running numbers in INdesign

    CoGordo4 Level 1

      Hello every one,


      I am making some auction tickets in Indesign CC. Im doing this like I usually do where I set up a master page that has the original ticket on with a place holder for the ticket number. I then just go to layout  and numbering and sections and then set what page I want to start on and then add as many pages as needed. This works pretty good at first. However I need to change the page range for a second run now and am running into all sorts of problems. One: Is there a way to redefine the page range without going through and manually deleting all the old pages? Two if I do need to delete the old pages to redefine the range is there a way I can do it all in one shot? Every time I highlight the pages in the pages menu the trash can becomes unavailable. Does any one have any advice? I am using indesign cc on a mac.