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    is there an Adobe very good tool to import Apple's Aperture database ?

    ppg198 Level 1



      I'm looking for the best way to import a Apple's Aperture whole database Project's Library (with different raws format - Canon 5D Mark II and OMD-5 Olympus) with corrections applied or not to the work copies of photos ? And of course with the pictures as they were photographed ? Aperture creates a work copy with adjustments and "keeps" the original photo. But I'm not sure that there are as many photos and copies. As I know copies are in fact the original photos with adjustments parameters ? I'm not sur of that but if anybody has an answer, it's welcome !


      And with an importation, is it possible to maintain the "reverse" of corrections too ? It is possible in Aperture to do so. I can change many parameters and then cancel one or more of them. If I import my Aperture's library with many projects, I wonder if this compatibility is possible ?




      Pascal (Paris)