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    When I check 'Sign me out of all other computers or devices', what does it do exactly?

    Toon61 Level 1

      Somehow I've managed to have more than two Mac's wanting to use my CC Apps.

      One of these is a MacBook I borrowed some time ago (when my good-old MacBook was stolen) to continue working, the other one is my iMac, and the third one is my new MacBook Pro I'm configuring right now.

      As I don't have easy access to this borrowed MacBook anymore, I thought 'Sign me out of all other computers or devices' is the option to get rid of unnecessary activations and start all over again. This way I think I can activate all my apps on my new MacBook Pro and again on my iMac.

      But does it work that way? Does it really deactivate CC on all devices?

      Or do I have to 'manually' deactivate on that borrowed MacBook anyhow.

      Only deactivating on my iMac is not an option, because I (want to be able to) constantly switch between my iMac and my brand-new MacBook Pro. De-activating and re-activating is way too cumbersome.


      Bottom line:

      Does 'Sign me out of all other computers or devices' really deactivates all devices (even if you don't have access to it) and start with a clean slate?