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    Adobe DC app queries. Can someone help?  [Android]


      Hi all.


      I wonder if someone can help me. I've been through the FAQ sections and relevant forums but wanted some direct assistance with a few specific questions.


      I regularly use Adobe Reader X on my PC to annotate PDFs of screenplays as part of my job (using the Sticky Note & highlighting functions).


      I am looking to buy myself a tablet, most likely an Android one, on which I'd like to continue annotating screenplays. I take it I'd need the free Acrobat DC app for Android. Here are my queries:


      • Would I be able to perform these functions (Sticky Note & highlighting) via this app?
      • Would there be any transition issues moving from PC to tablet with a specific PDF?
      • Will I be able to use the app offline or would I need to be connected to the internet?


      Basically, what I am hoping to do is move a PDF document from my PC laptop to my tablet and then take my tablet elsewhere and work on the PDF offline outside over the summer. Hopefully, this will be possible without too many problems.


      Hope someone can help.


      Thanks for reading.