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    What are Edge Animate best practices?

    LMallare Level 1

      I am almost done creating an animation. It has about 6 minutes of audio with animations timed to it. The more I develop, the slower the Edge program is to manipulate to the point of being unusable. I can 't select and drag to shorten/lengthen animations. Elements that were at one time set to off turn back on and code that used to work no longer does. This is my first time using Edge and I'm wondering if there is something I could have done to avoid this situation. I copied Illustrator images into Edge so I have a lot of svg files. The project is one long timeline (to correspond to timing with the audio) with many, many layers. Should I have broken the audio into small sections and created many individual symbols and placed them sequentially? Should I use png files instead of svg files? When I needed to reuse images I made them into a symbol - should I make sure their timelines aren't playing perpetually? There must be something that is bogging this program down because if I create a new program it works fine. Any input/insight/suggestions are greatly appreciated.