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    Wide flash movie is cut off on right side.

    BSpero Level 1
      So I have a flash movie in Director that I am moving back and forth across the stage. The short explanation is that there are viewer goggles in the middle of the stage that show a zoomed in version of the same flash movie. My problem is this - the right side of the large flash movie I am moving back and forth seems to cut off the right end of the graphic. About 250 pixels or so. I tried making the graphic in the flash movie smaller, and leaving some slop there so that if it was cutting off the movie, it wouldn't get the graphics, but it seems to be still happening. While experimenting more, I found that if I was viewing my director movie at 100% then it is cut off - but at 50% or smaller, it showed my missing graphics. Any ideas? I realize the problem could be in the flash movie, but I don't have any masks or anything in it, and it is very simple. Of note, I have the flash movie close to the max width, but have stretched it to put it on the director stage. Pretty annoying.

      - Bruce