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    Mini Bridge Missing from InDesign CS6 after Upgrade to InDesign Version 8.1

    Photo Kram

      I discussed this same problem https://forums.adobe.com/message/5833991 after upgrading to the prior version 8.0.2 of InDesign.


      After upgrading to InDesign Version 8.1, Mini Bridge no longer works.  Mini Bridge does not show under the Window menu and shift-clicking the Bridge icon opens the full Bridge, not Mini Bridge.


      With the prior version 8.0.2 problem, I was able to recover Mini Bridge by doing a re-install of InDesign under Window's Safe Mode.  Microsoft has somehow changed Safe Mode and I can no longer do the reinstall using Safe Mode.  I have tried several different ways of reinstalling version 8.1, but none of them correct this problem.  Still no Mini Bridge.


      Mini Bridge does work in Photoshop CS6 with no problem.


      I have read through all of the messages that seem to relate to this problem in this forum, but none of the suggested solutions work for me.


      Can anyone provide me with an answer?  If not, how do I get help from Adobe?  I am willing to pay for support, if necessary.