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    inconsistencies error when importing WinHelp

    davjsim Level 1
      Hi, I'm importing an existing Robohelp WinHelp project (RH X4.1) into a RoboHelp HTML project. I go through the Import wizard and get the error "Inconsistencies were detected with the source of the help project. Please compile the source using HCW.exe for more information."
      I did just that, compiling the WinHelp project using HCW.exe, and it compiles just fine. The only thing I can see is I get 2 warnings from the compiler, neither of which I can recall impeding me in the past when I import a project to HTML. the 2 warnings are: HC4010, "there are more opening braces than closing braces" and HC1012 "Table cell borders are not supported." Are these causing the import failure? What other "inconsistencies" should I be looking for and how do I find them? (I've searched Forum and have seen nothing that addresses this.)

      Before you answer, can I just confirm that I should be designating the .hpj file for import and not the .hlp file? (I'm going to feel really stupid if the solution is that simple.)

      Many thanks.