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    Lightroom 4 - Photo color code flags disappeared


      I recently noticed that all my color codes (labels) disappeared from all my photos. I didn't immediately notice it. I've imported and edited photos since this happened. I may have even done a few backups since they disappeared. Now What? If I restore my backup, the color labels may not be there, so my backup might be useless. If I restore my backup, and it turns out it is of no value, will all my recent imports and edits be lost, or will they somehow remain in Lightroom along with the older, restored, data?  Is there any other way to recover the color flags besides restoring a backup?  I think I also lost some collections too, probably at the same time, but I can recreate them fairly easily as needed.  The colors are a different matter. I have thousands of photos and rely on the color flags.


      An finally, how could this have happened?