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    Can I open a pdf document in InDesign?

    Robert Sieveking

      I am updating a book I wrote in 2009. (It is in it's 11 edition) The original dates to 1997.

      The original work was compiled in Quark.

      I currently work on a MAC, System 10.6.8, IMAC big screen.

      I have since migrated to InDesign. (What an improvement!)


      I am fairly conversant in the InDesign platform, but need to "convert" the Quark file to InDesign.

      I also have the file in .pdf, which is what is sent to the printer, if that would be easier.


      When I try to open the Quark file in InDesign, is says I need a "plug-in."

      If such is available, I need it.


      What should I do?


      Bob Sieveking

      Senior Technical Writer

      Contributing Editor

      The National Locksmith Magazine