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    adding new point to existing path that's NOT on the path

    Clueless in Adobe

      I need to add a new point to a path that is not on the path I'm trying to add to.  That is, I'm trying to extend a line in a certain direction, not add a new point in the middle of an existing line.  I've created the path using the pen tool, then I've done something else with some other tool and then returned to my path.  I _can add_ a new point by using the pen tool to click somewhere on the existing path, however this is NOT what I want.  I want to add a new point to the path to extend the line (I'm using stroke with no fill to create a line) in a certain direction.  No combination of keys I've tried seems to allow for this - After Effects insists on creating a new, separate path which is not what I need.  Any help appreciated, thx!