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    Jumpy mouse cursor when zooming in and out


      This is the first time I've posted on these forums. I'm not usually the kind of guy that even bothers to get to this stage but I have found no other solution. I'm using indesign cs6, and whenever i alt-zoom, the cursor becomes all buggy and jumpy until i click a random spot in my document. i am CONSTANTLY zooming in and out for the sort of work that i am doing, so it is super frustrating. it has gotten worse as the document gets bigger, so that may have something to do with it, however I am running it on a fairly powerful computer. I have tried using a different mouse to no avail, so i know it inst my mouse or its software that is the problem (using a corsair m65 vengeance). My PC is running an asus motherboard with i7 3770k processor, nvidia gtx660 graphics, 8gb of ram and windows/indesign installed on an SSD. Any help would be extremely appreciated

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          May I suggest a better technique? I find Alt Mousewheeling clumsy:


          If an object is selected, or Type tool is inserted into text, it is simple to Ctrl + and Ctrl - to zoom in and out.


          Done looking close and want to come out and see the whole page? Ctrl 0 for the page and Ctrl Alt 0 for the whole spread. Memorize and habituate to that.


          Best technique of all: want to zoom into a small place on the page all at one go? Hold down Ctrl plus Spacebar AND drag a small marquee over the tiny bit you want to see up close. Release the drag, then let go the Ctrl and Spacebar and you are done.