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    Confusion with iOS development


      I'm attempting to develop for iOS and android. I made a thread awhile ago seeking remedies to error code that were causing app rejection. I was requesting a windows based solution. That thread got deleted. After much effort I have obtained a mac capable of running swift/xcode...All that good stuff. So now I have returned with my questions. One of the errors that I was receiving was that I was missing icons. In flash there are only so many slots that you can fill with icons. But with later versions of iphone/ipad they expect more icons of different sizes. Is there a way to where I can integrate my flash project into flash builder/xcode. To produce an app that will pass the auto checking phase?  Please help! I don't like the idea of having to write two different applications for iOS and Android and having to learn entirely new development tools. I love adobe flash and hopefully publishing for mobile is still a viable option. I'm not a beginner in flash anymore but it seems like staying current with apples new publishing requirements is something that takes a higher level of expertise than I posses. There were a few other errors I was receiving as well even though flash didn't have any errors in compiling. Has anyone been able to successfully publish an app through the app store developed mainly in flash in the last few months?