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    After effects 360 panorama help


      I need to create a 360 panorama effect with different comps. If i just put them in a square and then a camera in the middle you can see the edges and white blank space in between each comp so I need to know how to curve them. I have tried bending them in raytracing but they still don't match up like i need them to. I need a circle of different comps with a camera in the middle. Does any of this make sense? Please Help! Thanks!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The easiest solution is Trapcode Horizon from red giant.


          Another solution is to overlap your background images into a single wide pre-comp then use CC Sphere to create a very large sphere with the image and set the effect  to render only the backside or inside, then make the radius large enough to simulate the horizon. You tie the rotation of the sphere to an orbit null used to rotate the camera using an expression.


          Another option is to use the offset effect and an expression to move a 2-D layer as you move the camera.