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    Error 1074. Is this a bug?


      let`s say we have two Swf`s, "A.swf" and "B.swf".
      In both Swf`s, we use a same Class-Type. Just for example, here we use the Class Type "MyClass".
      So, in "A.swf" we have "var instanceAAA:MyClass;"
      and in "B.swf" we have "var instanceBBB:MyClass;"

      When you now try to load the "B.swf" into the "A.swf" you get the error:


      ReferenceError: Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property MyClass on global.

      You get this error, because the "A.swf" already imported the Class-Definition for this.
      When you now load "B.swf" into "A.swf", it will also try to import or overwrite the Class Definition. And that is forbidden.

      The only Solution for this seems, to load the "B.swf" into a complete new ApplicationDomain. Of course, you will not get this error anymore, but it`s not the right Solution for this. It would be better if you load the "B.swf" into a Child ApplicationDomain from "A.swf" or maybe into the same ApplicationDomain as "A.swf". But then you get this error.

      In AS2 it worked great but in AS3 not anymore.

      Is this a bug or did you know a solution for this?