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    UI Components drawing goofy

      I have application where I am using flash as the front end. The application sizes itself to the browser size on startup. I have weird things happening in UI components...such as centered button text being left-aligned until you move the mouse cursor over the button (you don't have to click...just move the mouse cursor over the button and it "snaps" to its centered position). I also use datagrids and the text in the column headers gets 'clipped" until you drag to change a column width ever so slightly (seems to be forcing a redraw fixes the problem).

      It makes my application look VERY bad visually. Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any ideas how to fix?

      I have tried searching the forums. I have tried attempting to force a "redraw" of the screen on start up using ActionScript. Nothing has worked. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have.

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          mxc Level 1
          If you use the ActionScript _width and _height properties to adjust the width and height of a component, the component is resized but the layout of the content in the component remains the same. This might cause the component to be distorted in movie playback.

          Use setSize();