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    JPEG images (no smoothing) looks perfect in flash viewer, terrible in browser.


      I have imported a .png image into my flash movie that I use as a background.  The image is a screenshot of a Word .doc and so I need the text to look as crisp as possible.  When setting the properties of the image, I choose JPEG 100, no smoothing.  If I then test the movie, it looks perfect, exactly how I want.


      But once I embed this movie into my HTML using Javascript, the background image is a pixelated mess.  So even though the flash movie .swf itself looks perfect, when embedded, it looks awful.  The rest of the flash movie looks great, only the background image is messed up.  If I use smoothing, it looks MUCH better; however, the fonts are now smeary which I do not want.


      What am I doing wrong here?  Why does the movie look so different in browser than when played stand alone?  Here is the code I'm using to embed:


      <script type="text/javascript">

      var fo = new FlashObject("flash/mov_decisionprofile.swf", "decisionprofile", "840", "845", "1", "");

      fo.addParam("quality", "high");

      fo.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

      fo.addParam("scale", "exactfit");

      fo.addParam("bgcolor", "none");