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    IE 7.0 crash when aborting streaming mp3

      We are a Norwegian company creating custom made e-learning programs for other companies. Since the upgrade from Internet Explorer 6 to IE 7 we have experienced problems with the Shockwave player/IE7 that causes the browser to crash. Since we have numerous e-learning programs being used every day by our customers this is causing a lot of support inquiries.

      To verify that this has nothing to do with the code we use when creating Shockwave content I have set up a small file with only one external mp3 file, which is being streamed from the web server. If the “playhead“ in Shockwave leaves the sprite where the sound files is placed BEFORE the complete sound file is downloaded, IE 7 crash and all IE windows close. This only happens if the sound file has been downloaded between 0,1-99 %. If the playhead leaves the sound file before it has downloaded anything from the sound file or the sound file is 100% downloaded it works fine. I have tested this thoroughly and I am certain that this is the cause.

      The reason this is a problem is for instance if you have 3 boxes you may click and each box gives you a sound response. If you click one box and the sound file starts and then click the next box before the sound file currently being played has downloaded 100% IE 7.0 crash. This does not happen with previous versions of IE or any other browser, which means there are a problem with the use of Shockwave player and IE 7.0

      Any help/suggestions will be appreciated.