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    Can photos imported by tethering be automatically added to a collection?

    J Isner

      Here is my problem: I shoot in a studio tethered to a laptop.  The laptop is next to the camera so that I can review each images as it is captured.  I would like the same images to be sync'd using Lightroom Mobile to a tablet so that other people in the studio can review the photos on the tablet without coming over to my laptop.


      From what I understand, I must manually add each photo into an collection that's synchronized with Lightroom Mobile to make this happen.  Is there a way to make this happen automatically?  That is, to automatically add each photo I take to a synchronized collection? 


      Smart Collections can be set up to watch a folder.  Unfortunately, Lightroom Mobile does not support Smart Collections.

      Is there a way to do this?  Or is there a better way?