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    how to use metadata to create folders of images


      i have a collection of photos of a high school baseball team. 40 players. The Entire season is approaching 6000 images. I have identified the "Person Shown" in each image in that respective IPTC EXTENSION metadata field.


      I Want to export each player's images into a folder with the folder named "Person Shown"

      Is there an easy way (ie plug-in or script) to accomplish this?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          I don't think there's an easy way in LR to do what you want without using a plugin.


          I don't know of plugins that would create folders based on Person Shown.  But you could export the files with the naming convention person-shown-nnn.jpg. Then in the Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer, sort the export folder by filename and then do 40 drag-and-drops to move all of the photos of a player into the appropriate folder.


          To export the files with names of the form person-shown-nnn.jpg, use the Search Replace Transfer plugin to copy the Person Shown field to the Title field (or some other metadata field you're not using).  Then in the Export window, use the Rename To option with a custom filename template "Title - Sequence # (1).jpg". 


          Perhaps someone else has a better suggestion.