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    Drag and Drop Component

    i_am_captivate Level 1

      Ok, I thought I had this all figured out, but I guess I'm only half way there....

      I have a quiz involving a drag and drop interaction. It works great in Flash, but I have a presentation window that encapsulates several SWF files, the quiz being one of them. On the first frame of the quiz, I must put "this._lockroot = true" in order for the quiz to work at all in the presentation window. All of the questions work properly except for the drag and drop one. What happens is I can drag the dragable objects, but no target is recognized. The only way I can fix this is by putting "this._lockroot = false" on the frame that the drag and drop component is on. Problem with that is I can no longer advance through the quiz, simply due to the fact that "this._lockroot = false". Does anyone know where I would set this._lockroot = true in the component script?

      Thanks in advance