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    Re-opening Color Themes palette?

    turner111 Level 1

      Just started using the Color Themes tool and really like it.


      Is there a way to re-open the palette with an existing saved theme? The functionality of using the eyedropper is great but I can't figure out how to get it back into that state.




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          After picking a color theme, if you switch to another tool, the color theme is retained if you switch back.


          However, if you press Escape, or close the file, you will lose it. To retain the theme, add it to your color swatches with the button.

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            turner111 Level 1

            Hi Steve -


            Thanks for the note.


            I know how to add it to my swatches; however, once I do that, I seem to lose the functionality of the Color Theme eyedropper.


            Also - do you know if there's a way to convert swatches to a Color Theme and/or to my Library?




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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The tool should work again after saving the theme.


              Try restoring your InDesign preferences:


              Trash, Replace, Reset, or Restore the application Preferences

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                casinclaire Level 1

                I was just searching the forum on this topic and came across this post.


                I have a workbook/training document that has sections, and each section uses a different color scheme. I have used the Color Theme tool to create the different color themes for the various sections. Now I'd like to try the function I read about re hovering the eyedropper over various items to apply fills and outlines in the theme colors. But as I had to create several themes, I lost each preceding floating palette.


                If I understand this post correctly, I'm out of luck here in that once you "escape" from the small five-color floating palette created via the Color Theme tool, there is no way to reopen it based on a theme you saved in swatches. Is that the case?  Really? If so, then why bother giving the palette functionality at all? It's all well and good to be able to save the swatches, but it seems very limiting not to be able to open that small floating palette again when needed. It would be more convenient to drag it around the screen than to have to undock, expand, and collapse the color palette itself, especially if you have a workspace all arranged that you don't want to disrupt. Plus, the floating palette has much larger swatch thumbnails, which is helpful for people like me who keep their monitor resolution set high.