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    Import from Aperture to LR very slow


      Import from Aperture Library to LR 5.x (MacPro), copying the fotos with previews on external server (not referenced).

      The import from 4000 fotos to the server takes 7 days. The rest fotos are ≈10000. So the import required 17 days more.

      What is the cause of the delay?

      What can I do?

      Perhaps stop the Import and start new with referenced fotos?

      What happens after second import start?

      All the earlier imported fotos are duplicated in the LR library?


      Thank you for your help



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          Pets73 Level 1

          I am also having this problem, I started the import using the Plugin last night and it's still only on 9%, 16 hours later. My Aperture library is 320 GB, about 40,000 images. At this rate it will take 9 days! It's still making import sounds so I know it's working. Mine is also going to an external hard drive.

          Can someone tell us if this is normal??

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            I'm seeing similar extremely poor performance - I'm about 13 hour into importing ~40k images from Aperture into Lightroom CC/6 and I'm only at 8%.  At this rate, I won't be able to move my laptop for at least five days. :-|


            System isn't excessively taxed...

            CPU: max 29%

            Memory: 9%


            MacBook Pro Retina 15", Late 2013 running OS X Yosemite (10.10.3).  1GB flash drive (~35% free) & 16GB RAM

            LaCie 6TB Thunderbolt hard drive (very good performance).  ...4.5TB free. 


            Aperture library & Lightroom folders on the external LaCie drive, but there's very minimal disk I/O.  Lightroom catalog is the MacBook Pro flash drive.


            One thing to note is that I'm doing the large previews (at least 2880 pixels) - I've seen the obvious recommendations online to use minimal size for previews during the import process and then later re-run the previews.


            Is this poor performance due to something like face detection being run as the pictures are imported??  ...I tried checking the settings, but cannot get past the General tab in settings without cancelling the import.





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              David_Johnson Level 1

              Status update:

              After running for 43 hours, the Aperture import is only 13% complete (6,922 out of 40,000+ items and 71GB out of 587GB).   I started tracking the number of items imported (using Finder) at various points throughout the day... it's only importing an item every 1.1 minutes (that's actually a bit too kind, as Finder includes folders as items).   At this pace, it will literally take me 23 days to complete this import - that's obviously way beyond unacceptable.


              Activity Monitor (OS X utility) shows 200% CPU utilization by Lightroom, but when looking at the graph of the (four) cores, not all of the cores are maxed out.


              At this point, I'm very likely going to explore alternate ways to migrate from Aperture to Lightroom.  Slowness aside, my other issue with the import utility is that it places the images into Lightroom using a date-based folder naming scheme... it completely ignores the naming structure I had (and spent a lot of time on) in Aperture.

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                Same for me with Lightroom 6 CC (trial). It tooks more than 30hours to import 50 000 items on a little bit more than 70000. I hope it will finish tomorrow or the day after, but in my opinion it's very very slow (it tooks less than 7 hours to import or export these 70 000 picurtes from/to Aperture).

                The cpu is used at only 13%, the disks are ssds so I really don't know why it's so slow.

                And it seems to breaks all the folder structure hierarchy I made with Aperture.

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                  Same store here....

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                    romainn40898901 Level 1

                    Since I had to restart my import from Aperture I did some little change in the Lightroom catalogue settings : I choose the minimal settings in the preview caching. I also move the files from one disk to the other with Aperture not with Lightroom.

                    As I told before my first attempt took more than 50 hours while the second one took less than 12 hours.

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                      I also tried the import of perhaps 10000 photos from an Aperture library. The library is locally on my laptop SSD disk, but the images themselves are on a NAS. I do not want to move the images, so there really should be no accesses over the network to the NAS at all. It's basically just a matter to read the local Aperture library files which ought to be lightning quick. It should just read the metadata from the library and build up similar structures within LR. There can't be that much data to parse through, so it should absolutely fly.


                      Well, it doesn't.


                      The import seemed to handle a few images per minute, meaning about 1000 hours for the entire library, i.e. 40 days or so. Awful. The importer must be absolute total rubbish if it is this slow. I'm in software myself and seeing something this slow means that the importer is just crap quality. I'd have assumed Adobe's people to be all over this thread trying to help people and diagnose the slowness, but it seems they don't really care. They have our money already. Seeing how slow LR in general is I wish Apple had never stopped developing Aperture and forced me to switch to something else.

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                        Same issue on my end.  I think at the rate i'm going the import process will be complete in June of 2018.  This plugin is complete CRAP!

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                          Wow, I thought it was something that I was doing wrong.  I am working with a client who has literally 60 separate Aperture libraries, and while the first two imported in minutes, they only had 50-100 images.  The latest one has been running for 24 hours and is only at 55%.  The import performance is execrable.  Is anyone aware of a way to pull the images out of the Aperture library and just move them to the new Lightroom Masters folder and then just add them to the catalogue?  My clients is concerned that he will pass away before the import is complete.

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                            john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            A lot depends on the options you chose in the import plugin dialog, and on how you prepared the Aperture library. It's not as if Apple helped Adobe figure out their database and any oddities.


                            Look at Aperture's Reorganise Masters command. That puts files in regular folders. Also Aperture can save metadata back to the originals. More info here.

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                              drchevalier Level 1

                              Thank you John.  Sadly, Aperture only existed on the client's old machine, which is now dead and is no longer available for him to get as it was a licensed product and not from the App Store.  I have a workaround, which is to open the Aperture libraries individually in the latest release of Photos and then to export the originals to a folder.  We lose the Aperture edits and albums, but the import goes much more quickly with 32GB of images taking about 14 minutes with previews and everything, versus watching a 5mb library churning away for now over 20 minutes and being at 48%.  You appear to assume that I am slagging Adobe when the issue occurs because Apple dumped Aperture into the ditch at 100 mph.  I do not disrespect the Adobe people at all, I am simply stating the fact that the performance of the plugin in a very generic conversion is terribly slow.  The same message that every other person on this thread has sent.  The client has agreed to go with the workaround and so I will not have need of the plugin anymore.

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                                john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Are you dealing with fully managed Aperture libraries? If so, it is possible to open the library package and move the photos folder into a regular folder.

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                                  drchevalier Level 1

                                  A very good suggestion John and will save time up front.  Thank you kindly.  The version of Aperture used was 3.4.5, fairly old but I believe that I can open the package contents and get the originals.

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                                    john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    All versions of Aperture used the package concept, so open the aplibrary file and somewhere there is a folder containing the originals. I'm on my PC right now and I can't recall the name of the folder (it was something obvious  like "masters"), but you can drag it out into a regular Finder folder. That will only help with "managed" originals, of course, not "referenced" ones.

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                                      TDave3 Level 1

                                      I converted the same Aperture library to Lightroom twice.  The first time took 3+ days and failed, the second took 25 hours and was successful.  Here are the things I did differently.


                                      Hardware: 27 inch iMac late 2012: 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 980GB free on a 3TB fusion drive, macOS Sierra 10.12.3


                                      Before I started

                                      • I had two aperture libraries, one about 40,000 images, the other about 30,000 images
                                      • I reconnected all the lost files in both Aperture libraries.
                                      • I created large previews in both libraries of my 5 star photos.  This only amounted to about 1,500 images.
                                      • I converted all my managed images to referenced images using the “Relocate Masters” command.  I placed both sets of images into the same folder (this may have been a mistake – not sure)
                                      • I combined both libraries into a single library by importing one into the other.
                                      • I cleaned up the projects and folders so that they looked like I wanted them to look in Lightroom.


                                      First Try

                                      • I used the Aperture to Lightroom Plugin located in the Plugin Extras menu in LIghtroom
                                      • In the Import window I selected my new aperture library and Selected to copy images to the same folder I created for my images in the steps above.  (I think this was a mistake.)  This folder was inside the same folder as the Lightroom catalog (lrcat file) (not sure if that was a mistake.)
                                      • I clicked on “options” and clicked on ALL of the boxes in the window:
                                        • Import full size previews
                                        • Import only applied keywords
                                        • Create Lightroom Keywords for color labels
                                        • Create lkghtroom keywords for stacks
                                        • Leave referenced files in your aperture library in their current location
                                        • Place version previews in the same folder as the master image
                                      • The process went quickly for about 15%, then slowed way down.  It got progressively slower as the import proceeded.  It looked like it was taking about 2 seconds to import each image by the end.  The fact that it slows as the library increases in size suggests to me that the slow-down is probably caused by some file management issue.
                                      • It ran for about 3.5 days before it quit
                                      • I used the computer for email and other tasks during the 3 days
                                      • I don’t know exactly when it quit or why
                                      • It placed only about 50,000 of the 70,000 images into my new Lightroom catalog.
                                      • There were quite a few images that did not remain referenced but were put into folders using Lightroom’s file organization.  Not sure why this happened but most of these images were ones I had manipulated a lot, and made several copies of.

                                      Second Try

                                      • I relocated the same aperture library images into another new folder.  This took all night.
                                      • I used the Aperture to Lightroom Plugin located in the Plugin Extras menu in LIghtroom
                                      • In the Import window I selected the library same library that I had used for the first try.  (I had made a few further “clean-up” changes to the library but I don’t think this was significant.)
                                      • This Aperture library used the images referenced in the new folder just created in the first bullet of this list, and this folder of images was in a different folder than the Lightroom catalog (lrcat file).  (Not sure if this helped, but it might be very important.)
                                      • In the same import window, second line, I picked to copy images/videos to a different folder than the referenced folder that all my images were in.  (I think this was important for later cleanup.)
                                      • I clicked all the same options in the option menu EXCEPT for the first one: importing full size previews.  (Also the last option isn’t available in this situation.)  (Instead of importing previews, I created full size versions of my 1500 5 star photos and imported them separately, later, into Lightroom.  This is a pain, but ultimately probably better anyway.)
                                      • The process ran quickly until about 40%, then slowed down
                                      • It ran for only 25 hours, and it placed all of my images into my Lightroom catalog. In fact, there are a few more in Lightroom than were in Aperture – not sure what they are or why.
                                      • There were still quite a few images that were moved into folders using Lightroom’s file organization, but this time they were in a separate folder from the rest of the images, so they were easier to clean up later.



                                      • It is my opinion that not including previews probably helped speed things up, but it is hard to imagine that it made enough difference to account for the entire difference in time.
                                      • I think that putting the image folder in a separate place and not in the same folder with the Lightroom lrcat file probably helped.
                                      • Creating a separate folder for the straggler images that ended up in Lightroom created folders was helpful for later clean-up.


                                      Hope this helps you.

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