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    Controlling multiple FLV´s problem

      Ho, ho xperts.
      I´m having problem controlling the TL of multiple FLV´s and there appearance at the same time.
      I´m trying to make a gallery for my website where the viewer can watch different FLV´s depending on which button is clicked. While a viewer is halfway through one FLV he/she may go to a different button to investigate another one. Since I don´t now which ones will be clicked my basic tactic is to make one code for the actual onRelease event for the FLV in question and another for all the other FLV´s.
      In other words I´d like somehow to treat all the other clips as one (group them) and then control their individual TL and appearance (alpha).
      I´ve tried to search documentation, training materials etc. I´ve sort of figured out that I´ll have to work with array´s, which I´ve not done before.
      Guess what: I´m having problems!
      Could you xperts have a look at my code?
      - When onRelease is invoked I want to have executed the function "enterVideo" which is the targeted FLV and function "exitVideo" which are all the other FLV´s (through the array).
      For simplicity I´ve prepared a special version for you that should be easier to read. In the live AS there are 8 FLV´s&buttons, onRollOver and onRollOut actions.